Concrete commitments to guarantee equel opportunities

Professional inclusion of the disabled, training and information provided to the business owners, raising awareness among schoolchildren and the broader public, establishing partnerships and sponsorship with national associations and local structures: Groupement Les Mousquetaires is active on several fronts to provide equal opportunities through its own Action for the inclusion of the disabled (AMIH).

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The Mousquetaires are strongly committed towards people living with disabilities. Groupement Les Mousquetaires carries out concrete actions through an entity devoted entirely to this major ambition, the Mousquetaires’ Action for the inclusion of the disabled , or AMIH, created in 1992.

AMIH works on a daily basis in four main areas :


-Assistance and awareness raising

-Developing a local network

-Partnership and sponsorship

These commitments are aimed at raising further awareness among heads of business and employees, but also among the society in general. 

Specific training for each head of business

Each future head of business benefits from training that includes modules on the hiring and integration of workers living with disabilities.

The entrepreneurs who join Groupement Les Mousquetaires every year are educated on the subject and urged to commit themselves towards this societal issue.

AMIH supports the business owners when they are at the head of their store so that they remain committed each day to promoting equal rights and opportunities for all.

These actions include providing information on changes in legislation, advice on approaches to keep the disabled in the workforce and showcasing good practices. 

Heads of business are also encouraged to participate in the first virtual hiring fair geared towards people living with disabilities, Jobs for all, created by Hanploi CED.

Strong relations thanks to the creation of local networks

The commitment of the Mousquetaires’ heads of business is rooted in the territories:  all of them are invited to participate in hiring activities in their city in partnership with institutions such as the Cap Emploi network or the ESATs (employment assistance centre and services).

This action, undertaken with associations operating in the area of disability and adapted companies, seeks to offer new horizons for people living with disabilities and to strengthen the relations they have with local actors. 

Sponsorship and partnership to change how disabilities are perceived

A proponent of accepting differences, AMIH carries out many sponsorship actions, in partnership with Adapt, an association that promotes the social and professional insertion of the disabled. 

In order to contribute to changing how the disabled are perceived and beginning at the youngest age, the Mousquetaires’ association finances Handi’Mallette® and its workshops to raise awareness among fourth and fifth graders. 

A fun approach to physical disabilities, vision impairment or dys-type troubles, and a commitment translated into 64 actions in 2017 that has reached 2,000 children to date.