Building a sustainable relationship with our customers

Building a sustainable relationship with our customers

Producers and retailers, the Mousquetaires are committed to a close-knit geographical relationship with their customers based on trust.  Offering healthier, safer high-quality products is a priority that relies on the excellence of our production subsidiaries.

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Excellence in production.

The Agromousquetaires subsidiary, in collaboration with the scientific committees, works on improving production practices based on four priorities:  animal welfare in the beef and pork sectors, agro-ecological fruit and vegetable production, sustainable fishing and milk from pasture-raised cows. 

Excellence as well as transparency:  our suppliers are submitted to a CSR (corporate and social responsibility) assessment and are required to sign a charter on responsible procurement.  In the Bricomarché and Brico Cash stores, private label manufacturers are committed to a responsible approach that includes strict compliance with specifications.

Healthy products affordable for all.

The aim of the Mousquetaires in the food sector is to make it possible for all our customers to eat better.  As such, we are the leading store brand for private label products manufactured in France, covering 87% of the products we offer. 

This commitment also involves reformulating the recipes and creating the “Essential” range of products that contain no additives or conservatives, a range that is expected to expand in the future.

Offering organic products —both in the food and hygiene sections— is another priority. Today, more than 3,500 items can be found on our shelves. 

A quality policy in each store.

Relationship with our customers is established every day in our stores and it has to be beyond reproach. Cleanliness, safety, health and environment:  each food store has its health control plan that is audited by an independent auditor.  The other store brands have established a standard for quality that is specific for their activity.