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Our Group


Among the retail leaders in France and Europe, Groupement Les Mousquetaires has a unique economic model that is responsible for its success: associated trade.

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The Mousquetaires:  seven store brands and a single model

With 50 years of experience, Groupement Les Mousquetaires has always progressed with a great deal of enthusiasm, both in France and Europe.  Today the strength of our Group is based on 7 store brands and almost 4,000 points of sale. 

-Food products under Intermarché and Netto store brands

-Home appliances under Bricomarché, Bricorama and Brico Cash store brands

-Mobility under Roady and Rapid Pare-Brise store brands

Groupement Les Mousquetaires:  the leading group of associated merchants

The model is based on innovation, commitment and solidarity of each owner of a point of sale.  Associated trade has made the Mousquetaires the leading retail group of independent business owners.  

Direct management by its members guarantees:

-The involvement of all members

-The stability of a Group that is not subject to the risks of financial markets

Did you know ?

In France, you can find a store of one of our brands every 17 kilometres. This local footprint of guman-sized points of sale that are always adapted to consumers’ needs as well as to the local environment, is due to the commitment and the sense of initiative shown by independent businessmen and women. Groupement Les Mousquetaires is indeed based on an original economic model that we invite you to discover.

More than 3,000 independent business owners.

More than 3,000 heads of business are currently involved in our Group, Groupement Les Mousquetaires, bound by a sense of initiative, their conviction, their attachment to their local area and their desire to live “independently in interdependence.” 

Each point of sale is managed by an independent business owner who is a stakeholder in the local socio-economic fabric.  This unique organization set up both in France as well as beyond our borders and which we call associated trade, contributes significantly to the success of the Mousquetaires.

The business owners assume full responsibility for managing their point of sale.  At the same time, they are in charge of the co-management of the Group.  In concrete terms, a member dedicates two days per week to the management of a Group subsidiary.  This operational supervision covers trade, supply, production units, logistics…

The entrepreneurs can also be shareholders of the Group, thus formally becoming “partner members” of Société les Mousquetaires.

All for one, one for all

The Musketeers’ motto finds its full expression every day and is borne by our members and the values of our Group.