Our Department for Innovation

Our Department for Innovation


Promoting the idea of innovation in Groupement les Mousquetaires, identifying areas for improvement for all and anticipating the creation of tomorrow’s professions:  these are the missions of the Group’s Department for Innovation.  This real innovation lab acts as a partner to accelerate the transformation of trade.

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Inventing together the future of Groupement les Mousquetaires while empowering each employee to innovate is the ambition of the Group’s Department for Innovation. 

Created in 2016, the Department for Innovation acts as an innovation lab.  Its goal is to remain in the forefront of consumption trends, and it believes in working as a partner to accelerate the transformation of trade. 

In concrete terms, Innovation has three main missions:

  • Promoting the idea of innovation amongst all employees;
  • Identifying immediate areas of improvement for members and clients; and
  • Anticipating the creation of tomorrow’s professions for the Group.

The launch of new services

To improve customer experience, the Department for Innovation has developed new services.

For example, Shopopop, the collaborative delivery platform between individuals, has been working with Intermarché since 2018 to develop home delivery services.

Shopopop, the leader in drive-through collaborative delivery in France, provides the store brand with flexible and responsible logistics solutions that meet the new consumption habits in France.

Launched in 2018 by the DIY store brands, the Handyman concept makes it possible for customers of Bricomarché and Brico Cash, and very soon Bricorama, to take advantage of a home-delivery service for small projects.

This service has been rolled out in partnership with YoupiJob.

For clients of home improvement stores, Bricorama offers on-demand delivery service, on workdays and during the working hours of the stores, including Sundays and holidays, in partnership with the French start-up Trusk.

This service meets a major consumer need, namely how to transport or have delivered at a reasonable cost, heavy and unwieldy items.

In 2018, Intermarché became the first retailer to test the K-Ryole smart trailer. 

This trailer can be adapted to any bicycle and loads of up to 250 kg.

The brand is also testing a refrigerated version of this product in four stores in Lyons.  Designed for an urban environment, this service combines agility, mobility and respect for the environment. 

K-Royle smart trailer is also being tested in Bricorama stores.

Renovating a house, laying parquet or redoing the electricity:  for larger projects, the Mousquetaires’ home improvement store brands, in partnership with the start-up Hellocasa, are offering their customers the skills and expertise of nearly 1,000 artisans throughout France. 

The number of projects that have been completed has reached 320 and customer satisfaction is excellent.

Innovation, a daily challenge for the teams

The Mousquetaires are developing their innovation strategy through internal challenges that mobilise the heads of business as well as the rest of the employees: 

  • The “Challenge 100 Nouveautés” compares the new products from the Agromousquetaires cluster.
  • The Grand Prix Innovations PME (award for innovative SMEs), launched by Intermarché, brings together nearly 80 supplier SMEs around innovative products.