History of the Mousquetaires

History of the Mousquetaires

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photo d‘époque


Creation of "Ex-Offices de distribution"

On 17th October, due to differences in the strategic vision, Jean-Pierre Le Roch and 92 independent members leave Leclerc and come together under the "Ex –Offices de distribution" brand..
portrait Jean-Pierre Le Roch
old Intermarché logo


"Ex-Offices de distribution" becomes Intermarché

The new brand adopts a posture that shows its fight for prices: "the Musketeers of distribution". Throughout the 1970's, the Mousquetaires lay the foundations for the Group as it exists today. They first create their own logistics fleet, and innovate by marketing the first private labels in order to free themselves from the burden of multinational companies in certain business sectors.
photo d‘époque d'une devanture Intermarché
vintage photo


Creation of SAG

The Mousquetaires create their first agro-food production plant, Société Alimentaire de Guidel (SAG). This production unit is dedicated to the production of frozen meat and fish based food. This is the beginning of the positioning that came be to known as "Producers & Retailers."
old picture of a food production plant


Bricomarché opens its first store

Bricomarché store brand opens its first store in Châteaudun, in the Eure-et-Loir department on 21st November, 1979. To choose the name, Jean-Pierre Le Roch decides to base each new brand on the concept of a "market."


Jean-Pierre Le Roch


Invention of prices by the litre and the kilo

The Mousquetaires invent the price by the litre and the kilo, something that has become mandatory in France. Two years later, they come up with the idea of the "Deupont", a two-level trailer that optimises the transport of goods.
logo restaumarché Stationmarché

Restaumarché or discount applied to restaurants

The Mousquetaires begin exploring new horizons with the creation of Restaumarché. The brand is renamed Poivre Rouge in 2010.


Creation of Stationmarché

On 1st April, Stationmarché store brand is created in Saint-Marcel in the Eure department. Its car repair and maintenance offer repair shops and sales areas devoted to vehicles. The name Roady is adopted in 2004.


Launch of "Argus"

On 18th April 1985 Intermarché launches the "Argus de la distribution", the first price comparison tool. This catalogue lists the prices of 2,150 products, that is to say nearly all the references found in a food store. The Group clearly presents itself as an innovative discounter.


Creation of Le Relais des Mousquetaires

To stem the rural exodus, breathe new life into country areas and make local trade more sustainable, the Mousquetaires create "Le Relais des Mousquetaires".




CDM: a new hard discount store brand

To meet new trends in consumption, the Mousquetaires create CDM ("Comptoir des Marchandises"), a hard discount store brand which name changes to Netto in 2001.
façade de CDM
a fish


The Mousquetaires decide to embark on the adventure of fishing

1993, the Mousquetaires purchase their first fishing vessel. Baptized "Kerguelen de Trémarec", this vessel marks the beginning of an adventure that will make them the first fresh fish ship owner in France.
Fishing boat


First stores in Poland

The first Polish Intermarché stores open up in Zielona-Gora, in Leznos then in Glogow.
Parc Treville


Parc de Tréville, capital of the Mousquetaires

Eighty-two hectares in Bondoufle, in the Essone department: Parc de Tréville is where the Mousquetaires set up their operational headquarters and that of all the central structures.


logo Netto


Netto opens in France

The brand Netto replaces CDM. Its strength lies in its offer: a policy of discounted prices, excellent value for money and a wide range of fresh products, in stores ranging from 600 to 1,000 m2.


From Stationmarché to Roady

In the fall of 2004, Stationmarché brand name is replaced by Roady, a new, more evocative name that makes it possible for the brand to affirm its ambitions in the car repair and maintenance sector.


façade les Mousquetaires


The Mousquetaires adopt a new logo

In the years 2000, the Mousquetaires set up alliances with other international retail groups. This strategy allows them to pool their purchases and increase their economic weight in order to face the concentration of international industrial groups.
logo les Mousquetaires
façade Intermarché super


Intermarché stores are divided in four formats

Intermarché SUPER: primarily food supermarkets, specialized in fresh produce, that adapt their product offer to their cientele.

Intermarché CONTACT: convenient points of sale in rural areas with a complete food offer.

Intermarché EXPRESS: small stores specifically designed to fit in major city centres.

Intermarché HYPER: human-sized hypermarkets that offer a complete line of food and non-food products.

intérieur restaurant

Poivre Rouge is launched

The new Mousquetaires' restaurant brand offers a friendly atmosphere, separate areas for more privacy and modern decoration... Each restaurant has an area set aside for children with video games and comic books. Poivre Rouge seeks to offer an excellent value for money in its restaurants and steak-houses.

At the end of September 2019, the Mousquetaires drew their activity in restaurants to a close.


Brico Cash brand invests in the home improvement sector

SUBSIDIARIES In complement to Bricomarché, these warehouse stores provide experienced home repair enthusiasts and professionals with all the products necessary for home renovation and construction at discount prices.
intérieur d'un magasin Bricomarché


Bricomarché inaugurates a new generation of stores

This new generation stores offer a wider range of products adapted to the needs of local customers and presented in different sections indicated by signings that allow customers to easily find their way around.


The 200th Intermarché opens up in Poland

Intermarché opens its 200th store in Lubon, Poland. A symbolic number that makes it possible for the Mousquetaires to reaffirm their desire to grow in this country.

The Mousquetaires strengthen their position as a "Producer & Retailer"

Groupement les Mousquetaires unveils the new strategy of its agro-food cluster. With the creation of AgroMousquetaires, which manages the 12 production subsidiaries of the group, providing them with a joint development strategy, the 11th (4th in 2019) player in French agro-food strengthens its positions in all the markets in which it has a footprint.

This new organisation seeks to increase the market shares of the Mousquetaires’ brands and to distinguish them from other retailers.

Logo producteur commerçant


AgroMousquetaires launches the "2025 Sustainable Fishing" Plan

In 2016, AgroMousquetaires undertakes its "progress plan for a sustainable fish subsidiary by 2025" to better meet the expectations of civil society in the area of managing the marine ecosystem by maintaining employment as well as the sustainability of the subsidiary.
Fishing boat
Logo Profil


Roady signs a partnership with Profil Plus

Roady and Profil Plus, independent leader of industrial and light vehicle tyres, announce the signing of their partnership on the reception, tyre services and maintenance of vehicle fleets for key accounts and renters. This partnership seeks to provide a more comprehensive offer and to provide better geographical coverage.


Bricorama joins Groupement les Mousquetaires

ITM Équipement de la maison (a subsidiary of Groupement les Mousquetaires that operates under the Bricomarché and Brico Cash brands) acquires the French activities of Bricorama SA (operating under the Bricorama brand). Thanks to the integration of the 170 stores, Groupement les Mousquetaires becomes the third major DIY retailer in France and the major player amongst DIY independent retailers.
façade bricorama
Logo les comptoirs de la bio

The Mousquetaires sign a partnership with Les Comptoirs de la Bio

Groupement les Mousquetaires announces the singing of a partnership, in the form of minority shareholding, with Les Comptoirs de la Bio, a network of specialists in organic products. In an organic market in full expansion and with several initiatives underway, Les Comptoirs de la Bio hope to accelerate their development and to develop their network that is currently made of 150 stores in France.

Rapid Pare-Brise, Rapid Auto-Glas and American Car Wash

The Rapid Pare-Brise, Rapid Auto-Glas and American Car Wash brands joined Roady ITM Automobile (a car maintenance cluster of Groupement les Mousquetaires operating under the Roady brand) to become Rapid Pare-Brise, Rapid Auto-Glas and American Car Wash. The new group, representing 350 centres in France, now offers car owners a complete range of services for vehicles maintenance and repair.
Logo Groupement


Groupement les Mousquetaires
celebrates its 50th anniversary

In 1969, Jean-Pierre Le Roch and 92 partners decide to leave Leclerc Mouvement to create the Ex-Offices of distribution, and then Intermarché in 1973. In 50 years, the Mousquetaires have become a major player in mass distribution in France, Belgium, Poland and Portugal.