Our values and commitments

Our values and commitments

Of groupement les Mousquetaires

Close to you, the Mousquetaires entrepreneurs are committed and they fight to provide high-quality products at a fair price while respecting the supply chain and undertaking concrete action to protect the environment.

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Local presence

Being close to our customers is a priority for us.  The Mousquetaires entrepreneurs are local players who fully participate in the lives of the cities, towns and villages where they are located.  Fully aware of the importance of social relationships, these men and women have established strong social relations with customers, support associations and, in-house, pay constant attention to their employees. 

Our entrepreneurs have sustainable relationships with local producers as well as with the heads of SMEs.  This involvement day in day out translates in the setting up of partnerships —more than 5,000 to date!  It is also formalized in the “Mousquetaires, SME Partners” Charter, which is made of 17 commitments. 

Boldness and entrepreneurship

We support entrepreneurship.  The heads of Groupement les Mousquetaires’s store brands are independent entrepreneurs who have invested in their future with enthusiasm and conviction. Their sense of initiative is based on the solidarity that has existed in the Group since 1969.

More than 3,000 men and women today are committed, next to you, at the head of their store, in France, but also in Poland and Portugal.

Each year, the Mousquetaires help more than 200 new entrepreneurs set up their own business.  Trained by the Group, they are then supported throughout their professional lifespan.

Interdependence and solidarity

We place a great deal of emphasis on interdependence and solidarity.  The entrepreneurs, who are the owners of their store, are also co-owners of Groupement les Mousquetaires.  Interdependent and supportive, they volunteer to ensure the management of the Group two days a week:  this is what we call “one third of our time”, a unique concept in mass distribution that is very important for the Group. 

This double role is one of the drivers of our success.  Each one provides their ideas, their personality, their initiatives and draws upon the experiences of others.

Pooling methods and constant exchange encourage store owners to make their individual company progress, all the while fully participating in the success of the collective enterprise.