Our stores

Our stores

The seven store brands of Groupement Les Mousquetaires

Groupement Les Mousquetaires boasts seven store brands that are innovative and complementary, and devoted to staying as close as possible to consumers:  Intermarché, Netto, Bricomarché, Brico Cash, Bricorama, Roady, and Rapid Pare-Brise. These store brands are exclusively managed by independent and interdependent business owners. The Mousquetaires have been operating for a long time in a collaborative way.

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Mousquetaires business owners are active in the sectors of food, home improvement and mobility through our seven different store brands.

Human-sized stores

The Mousquetaires’ points of sale are first and foremost human-sized, stores in which it is particularly pleasant to shop and where it is easy to find one’s way.  In close proximity to our customers, their size is adapted to where they are located and meet the many expectations that consumers have. The historical brand, Intermarché, has four formats, from 300 m² Intermarché Express stores for city dwellers to Intermarché Hyper stores, located on the outskirts of cities, not to mention Super stores, present in smaller towns throughout France.

Regardless of the brand, our heads of business, independent, manage the points of sale, and are responsible for their teams, their purchases, their supply and offer products that meet the consumption trends of local consumers.  This commitment is underpinned by the very original concept of the “third time”: the supervisors devote a part of their time to co-managing the Group and are thus directly involved in the decisions made for the group. 

Providing complementarity

For the Mousquetaires, meeting the needs of as many of our customers as possible is important.  The Group has developed its activities while putting emphasis on ensuring that there is complementarity between the brands and by adapting their offer to the local environment.  Thus, Intermarché has four store formats, covering both food and non-food products, while Netto focuses on human-sized food hard discount.

In the areas of home improvement and gardening, Bricomarché has established a presence in smaller towns (less than 50,000 inhabitants) while Bricorama has set up in larger cities.  Brico Cash is geared towards customers who are experienced and require large quantities of material for construction and renovation projects, as well as towards professionals.

All of our brands offer quality products at a fair price

Another thing our brands have in common:  the constant quest for the best quality/price ratio.  The Group is able to meet this objective in all sectors thanks to unique supply systems, as well as the fact that it belongs to a number of international alliances.  In the food sector in particular, we cover the entire chain, from production to distribution with the Agromousquetaires subsidiary, which works with nearly 18,000 French producers.  With a fleet of 23 vessels, we have also become the leading French ship owner for fresh fishing.

A Mobility Cluster on the Rise

In order to complement its Food and DIY offer, Groupement les Mousquetaires has accelerated its development in the Mobility sector, with services aimed at drivers and urban mobility.

In 2018 the Mobility Cluster acquired Rapid Pare-Brise store brand to complement the offer proposed by Roady car centres and its network present in 150 locations throughout Europe.

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