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Rapid Pare-Brise brand has been part of Groupement Les Mousquetaires since 2018.  This car glass specialist rounds out the offer presented by Roady.

Rapid Pare-Brise joined Groupement Les Mousquetaires in the summer of 2018.  By doing so, it joined the Mousquetaires’ Mobility cluster, also composed of Roady.

With 297 centres in France, Rapid Pare-Brise occupies the fourth place in the ratings of specialists and glass repair in cars. 

The activities of this brand, created in 2013, include the repair and replacement of windshields, applying the anti-rain treatment “Stoprain,” as well as installing replacement windshield wipers. 

centres in France

Rapid Pare-Brise experienced rapid growth due to many new services that have been offered and to how quickly the work has been done:  zero deductible, lifetime impact guarantee, 12-month free glass breakage guarantee, the loan of a courtesy vehicle, simplified approaches…

In November 2018, Rapid Pare-Brise brand received the “Best window repair brand” award from Capital magazine, after a survey among 20,000 consumers. 

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