Our subsidiaries

Our subsidiaries

Working for the group's independence

Production, supply, real estate: Groupement Les Mousquetaires affirms its independence by creating and developing integrated and specialised subsidiaries geared towards servicing the points of sale.

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Agromousquetaires, ten agro-food subsidiaries

The Agromousquetaires subsidiary guarantees the supply to the Netto and Intermarché stores in high quality, healthy and made in France products.  From meat to beverages, from baked pastry to frozen goods, not to mention fish and dairy products, it brings together ten agro-food subsidiaries, representing 11,000 employees.

Agromousquetaires brings together 59 production units located throughout France, recognised for their know-how.  Their products are sold through brands belonging to Groupement Les Mousquetaires:  Jean Rozé, Monique Ranou, Pâturages, Capitaine Cook, Chabrior, Top Budget and many others.

Committed to farmers as well as to SMEs, turned towards local and sustainable development, the Agromousquetaires subsidiary is completely geared towards independence, innovation and keeping our Group’s prices under control.

Agromousquetaires business lines

Logistics dedicated to the Group’s brands

From the field to the table, covering the entire supply chain means having an integrated supply chain. Groupement Les Mousquetaires uses the expertise of ITM LAI, its logistics subsidiary, to guarantee optimal service to food stores.  The management of non-food supply is handled by ITM LEMI.

These two structures are in charge of the logistics centres spread throughout France and also manage a fleet of trucks that are used to supply the points of sale.  ITM LAI and ITM LEMI are part of an ongoing improvement process of the service that is provided to the Group’s stores as well as their environmental performance. 

IMMO Mousquetaires, the building experts

With its eight regional offices, IMMO Mousquetaires —our integrated real estate subsidiary— manages or is responsible for the construction, renovation, expansion and management of the Group’s commercial buildings. 

This subsidiary works in close collaboration with the Mousquetaires heads of business and local decision makers for the development of territories, both urban and rural. IMMO Mousquetaires adapts its real estate projects to the expectations of the inhabitants, offering dedicated programs that are often mixed in nature (commercial buildings, housing, offices).