With the Agromousquetaires subsidiary, Groupement Les Mousquetaires has an agro-food cluster which is comprised of 59 production units that offer lines of quality products 100% made in France.  The producers and retailers thus ensure their independence in terms of supply.

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Meeting the challenge of independence

At its creation in 1969, Groupement Les Mousquetaires made a bet:  ensuring its supply independence by developing its own production plants.  Today, the 59 odd units that comprise it provide consumers with the possibility of finding safe, healthy and high quality products, made exclusively in France.  Brought together under the Agromousquetaires cluster, these units make it possible to control the manufacturing process, and to ensure the quality of the price of the products.

The Agromousquetaires products that are offered under the Group’s private labels are constantly being adapted to the needs of the market, to its requirements and to its evolutions.  They are primarily destined for our 2,671 Intermarché and Netto points of sale.

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Developing our ability to innovate

Dairy products with Pâturages, cereals and cakes with Chabrior and Filet Bleu, meat products with Jean Rozé and Monique Ranou, products from the sea with Capitaine Cook, and many other brands:  our production units manufacture the private label products of Groupement Les Mousquetaires in very different sectors.  Each is distinguished by its ability to innovate and each had its own Research and Development unit to provide ever-healthier recipes.

Independence, the sense of responsibility and the innovation of Agromousquetaires have made it possible for Groupement Les Mousquetaires to acquire unique expertise and to develop its partnership policy with SMEs. 

of euros in turnover in 2020

Being responsible producers every day

Maintaining the fabric of French agriculture, safeguarding natural resources and, more generally speaking, sustainable development all make up the foundations of our commitment as responsible producers. 

The 10 Agromousquetaires lines of business ensure consumers’ food safety, as well as the nutritional balance of each of our recipes. Agromousquetaires thus offer innovative, high quality products that are made in France.

Agromousquetaires production units

Being both a producer and a retailer is a true advantage in the Group’s sustainable development strategy.  Thanks to this unique positioning, the Mousquetaires advance the practices of food production by anticipating societal priorities. 

The four foundations of Agromousquetaires


We integrate an activity when there are few suppliers left to offer private label products.

Example:  with our diaper factory, we are the sole alternative to the single Belgian group that manufactures the private label products for all of Europe.

Lines of business

We integrate entire lines of business from field to fork, which makes it possible for us to meet the most basic expectations of consumers:  reassurance concerning traceability and quality.


The cornerstone of our production organisation is based on contracts that we have with breeders and farmers.  We provide them with visibility concerning volume and maintain their prices so that they can maintain their margins. 


Thanks to our middle man-free organisation, a short loop.  And also, of course, thanks to investments made in our production tools.