International trade

International trade

Manufacturing products that are targeted and adapted to customers’ expectations and providing a consistent offer with the trends on the various markets: that is what Agromousquetaires seeks to do at the international level.

In order to better meet the needs of international markets, the Agromousquetaires subsidiary is setting up a real strategy of listening and innovation. Innovation targets several objectives: creating value and developing know-how, differentiating the offer and taking the initiative and increasing the performance of the products on their markets. For Agromousquetaires, the goal of this strategy is to satisfy the needs of local markets.

In Europe : design your own private label in Europe with us (core ranges, Organic, Veganproducts…)

Seven reasons to work with Agromousquetaires

1- Keeping the divisions under control

2- Optimising the number of suppliers

3- Leveraging the knowledge and the know-how of the “profession/sector”

4- Taking advantage of industrial capacities dedicated to the manufacturing of your products

5- Complying with the highest requirements in terms of traceability and product quality

6- Increasing efficiency through the pooling of activities and pooling logistics

7- Co-building your “Own Brand” offer with the sales and R&D teams of the Agromousquetaires


Caroline Durand | Development and Coordination Manager Europe

GEPROCOR, the Agromousquetaires export division for French overseas departments and territories and mass export

GEPROCOR, the Agromousquetaires export division for French overseas departments and territories and mass export, provides an exclusive offer on its markets. The division produces 25,000 references for export in both food and non-food sectors. The merchandise is delivered to all continents by air, land and sea.

By offering private label products, GEPROCOR provides markets with a broad choice of food and non-food references whose design and development are controlled by Agromousquetaires.

With regards to GEPROCOR’s logistics, it seeks to optimise the logistics circuits and loads in order to guarantee quality service.

Through ITM Export, its export department, Agromousquetaires offers the concept of an “Intermarché Partner.”

The independent retailers thus benefit from the concept, access to products of the Intermarché brand (the products manufactured by the 59-odd Agromousquetaires production units), logistics with a dedicated export depot, the optimisation of logistics costs and the expertise of a French distributor.

Locally, distributors keep the name of their store, to which they attach “Intermarché Partner.” In this way they maintain their independence all the while benefiting from the experience, notoriety and the strong points of Intermarché :

  • The first Intermarché Partner store was created in 2016 in Nouméa, New Caledonia.
  • In 2018, 14 stores in French overseas departments and territories bore this label.