Beef Business Line

Beef Business Line

Our commitments as responsible producers:

  • A company involved in the “Boeuf de nos régions” (“Beef from our regions”) approach (BNR approach).
  • 12,000 partnerships signed with local breeders.

For its beef business line, Agromousquetaires places its trust in the SVA Jean Rozé.  Founded in 1955 in Ille-et-Vilaine and coming from a long line of artisan butchers, Société Vitréenne d’Abattage was borned Groupement Les Mousquetaires label since 1995.  This long collaboration, the sense of innovation of this Breton company and the signature of partnerships with more than 12,000 breeders make the SVA Jean Rozé the third meat operator on the French beef market today. 

Breeders and SVA Jean Rozé committed to the “Bœuf de nos régions” approach (BNR approach)

The Jean Rozé and breeders are committed to the BNR approach, which guarantees high-quality, tender and tasty meat.  The strict specifications include at least 80% free-range pasturing, a minimum slaughtering age, minimum carcass weight…

Located in the heart of Brittany, the cradle of the company, a farm covering more than 60 hectares and animal buildings house nearly 300 animals according to the BNR approach.

Fabien Lanoux | Sales director
Phone: +33 2 99 74 65 94 | Mail:

SVA Jean Rozé
Rue Victor Baltard – BP 90237 – 35500 Vitré – France