Responsible producers

Responsible producers

A responsible player in the French agro-food industry,
Agromousquetaires seeks to satisfy consumers and producers, all the while ensuring the protection of natural resources.

Agromousquetaires: our responsibility is the cornerstone of our strategy

In 2018, Agromousquetaires, a responsible and committed industrial player, adopted the strategy of being a responsible producer.  In concrete terms, this ambition means producing better to eat better and live better.

As a major group in France and the main producer for the Mousquetaires, we are aware of our responsibility with regards to the quality of the food and of life of the French, but also of our responsibility to protect the environment.

Thanks to the Group’s strong entrepreneurial culture, Agromousquetaires and its French producers are fully committed to agro-food and environmental transition.

In order to provide answers that are up to society’s standards, we are open to all questions and all ideas.

Committed to animal well-being

Agromousquetaires is the third meat producer in France.  With this status goes the heavy responsibility to treat animals humanely. 

Groupement Les Mousquetaires subsidiary has already adopted best practices, through training employees, and is an internal reference for the beef and pork divisions. 

Agromousquetaires goes even further, by launching a research program for the pork business line in partnership with the IFIP —the Institute of Pork and “INRA” “the National Institute for Agronomic Research”.

Our responsible producers strategy is based on six pillars:

Our open mindedness

As responsible producers, we ensure that our practices are transparent.  We open our plants and we are open to new collaboration with the outside world, which challenges us and makes us improve.

Our economic performance

As responsible producers, we optimise our investments and our organisation in order to ensure a sustainable balance between an attractive price for our customers and our stores and fair remuneration for our partners.

Our talents and our communities

As responsible producers, we place our expertise, the commitment and creativity of each of our 11,000 employees at the heart of our ambition, providing it to our customers, our communities and making sure that it makes a positive impact on local economic development. 

Our products and our customers

As responsible producers, we work with our clients to provide consumers with good, safe product at a fair price and made in France to improve how their well-being as well as their eating habits.

Our supply business lines

As responsible producers, we combine our efforts to improve our business lines in partnership with our suppliers, both in terms of time and confidence.

Our production and its impact on the environment

As responsible producers, we reduce the environmental impact of our industrial activities to be a contributor to sustainable development in our territories.