IMMO Mousquetaires

IMMO Mousquetaires

Reinventing commercial real estate

IMMO Mousquetaires is the subsidiary in charge of the design, achievement and management of Groupement Les Mousquetaires’ real estate projects.

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Determined to remain independent, Groupement Les Mousquetaires created its own integrated real estate subsidiary in 2009, IMMO Mousquetaires.

This subsidiary is responsible for the construction, renovation and expansion of the Group’s sites:  points of sale, production units and the logistics centres.

The subsidiary is involved in partnership with local actors, integrating sales, tertiary and/or residential into its programs, according to the needs. 

billions of euros in assets

An integrated real estate company, IMMO Mousquetaires helps the third French retailer and its various brands to grow.

With various sized projects, the subsidiary provides service to more than 3,000 heads of business of Groupement Les Mousquetaires, as well as the geographical areas in which it is located.  IMMO Mousquetaires also participates in urban requalification, an example of which can be seen in the project of the Saint-Loup neighbourhood in Marseilles, as well as in the revitalisation of rural and peripheral areas.

Another example is Pleurtit complex construction, on the Emerald Coast, with its Intermarché Hyper and its Roady car centre.

additional square meters in 2020

The village square of the 21st century

Collaboration between elected officials, planners and retailers makes it possible to meet needs precisely, all the while providing places that embody the Mousquetaires’ values:  friendliness, simplicity, trade and commitments. 

Built according to the rules of sustainable development, the IMMO Mousquetaires sites fit into the “in the heart of trade” concept.

This concept highlights the village type atmosphere, so that each commercial area can be a place where there is life and exchange in addition to trade.