Close to local decision makers

Close to local decision makers

IMMO Mousquetaires: real estate projects entrenched in the territories

In cities as well as rural areas, IMMO Mousquetaires works in partnership with local decision makers to offer perfectly scaled projects.

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From cities to villages, from residential neighbourhoods to suburbs, each IMMO Mousquetaires project is unique and sized according to the needs of the surrounding area. 

The Development teams of IMMO Mousquetaires work with local decisions makers to come up with solutions that are adapted to the situation and that contribute to local development along six formats:

  • Single building
  • Gallery
  • Foot of a building
  • Mixed project
  • Retail Park

In cities in particular, our projects are focused on the precise needs of the neighbourhoods with mixed programs (businesses, offices, housing and/or leisure), which fully participate in their vitalisation.  IMMO Mousquetaires is a real driver in urban renewal and rehabilitating areas that have fallen into disuse or abandon, working in partnership with elected officials and promoters, etc.

By offering programs adapted to the expectations of the inhabitants, we are able to create a true commercial, economic and social dynamic.  This includes job creation, the development of real living areas and the diversification of our offer thanks to our partner brands.