Corporate strategy

Corporate strategy


The company’s strategy for its logistic activities:  continual improvement of the service provided to the points of sale, environmental performance and workers’ safety.

Closer to the brands

The subsidiaries in charge of logistics manage the purchasing of products and their delivery to the points of sale with one objective:  making continual progress and finding working processes that have better and better performance. To help the Group’s brands in their development, ITM LAI and ITM LEMI continually adapt their working organisation.

ITM LAI —the logistics subsidiary dedicated to Intermarché and Netto— aims even higher and is modernising its centres with the construction of new logistics bases that use cutting edge technology. These centres meet needs in terms of competitiveness in the face of a market that is increasingly competitive, with a view towards improving the conditions for the workers and optimising transportation costs.

Modernisation, a challenge for the entire profession

Groupement Les Mousquetaires is committed to transforming its network of depots in order to make it more modern.

The goal is to maintain and develop our competitiveness while responding to changes in the profession of logistics, as well as to the coverage of our current and future points of sale.

This responds to the changes and challenges of the logistics profession :

-The evolution of the operational processes with the use of new technologies such as, for example, mechanisation and automation;

-The need to improve working conditions, most notably by reducing the arduousness of work and;

-The reduction of the environmental impact;

This transformation also anticipates the changes in terms of the coverage of our network in relation to demographic and commercial changes, as well as changes in volumes for each of our points of sale.

We seek to constantly improve the quality of the supply we provide to our points of sale all the while maintaining our competitiveness, all of this with a view towards providing our customers with the best selection of products at the lowest possible price.

Committed for sustainable development

Like all Groupement Les Mousquetaires logistics centres built since 2012, the new logistics bases have obtained the HQE (High Quality Environmental) certification. 

In concrete terms, this means more energy efficient buildings, built with durable material and which have excellent heat and sound insulation.

The centres also have a system for recovering and redistributing rainwater. Through using natural light, these buildings also contribute to the wellbeing of the company’s workers.

A fleet of clean trucks

Groupement Les Mousquetaires development plan includes a 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions between 2012 and 2030. 

This objective will be achieved by using less polluting transport for the merchandise.  In concrete terms, the subsidiaries of the logistics chain are committed to outfitting 100% of their trucks with LNG (liquefied natural gas) or biogas by 2030. 

The Group also helps its transport partners purchase natural gas powered trucks, encouraging them to share its commitment to the environment.

Most of the Group’s centres are or will soon be equipped with LNG stations, and the trucks that service Paris and its outlying regions are already powered by biogas. 

Clean vehicles:  performance expressed in figures

Groupement Les Mousquetaires semi trailers make remarkable performance possible.

For instance :

-Fine particle emissions:  -95%
-Nitrogen oxide emissions:  -80%
-CO2 emissions:  -15 or -20%
-Noise pollution:  divided by four

Constant improvement

Groupement Les Mousquetaires is constantly seeking to improve, in terms of processes, of course, but also in terms of safety for the personnel and the goods.

To meet this requirement, the Group has put in place a system of certification references concerning hygiene, cleanliness and safety. 

To provide an ever-higher level of service to the thousands of points of sale of the Group, the logistics centres are audited each year. 

The aim is to comply with an official and ambitious reference:  the EuraCRP certification label.