26 février 2020

Strong performance in 2019 for Groupement Les Mousquetaires

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  3. Strong performance in 2019 for Groupement Les Mousquetaires

In 2019, the store brands of Groupement Les Mousquetaires (Intermarché and Netto; Bricomarché, Bricorama and Brico Cash; and Roady, Rapid Pare-Brise and American Car Wash) posted growth of +2.2% not including fuel and +2.1% including fuel.

Altogether the countries of Groupement les Mousquetaires generated 41.202 billion euros in turnover including fuel. With and agrofood cluster that reached a turnover of 4.129 million euros, the total turnover of Groupement Les Mousquetaires reached 45.331 billion euros.

Again, with its 3,956 stores, Groupement les Mousquetaires shows the relevance of independent trade, capable of meeting consumers’ needs, by remaining as close as possible to local specificities, something that has been made possible thanks to the involvement of its 3,045 business owners and 150,000 employees.

Food store brands: Intermarché battles to make sure “better eating is accessible to all” and Netto’s fight towards “pleasurable discount”

At Group level (Belgium, France, Poland and Portugal) Intermarché’s and Netto’s turnover has reached 27.5 billion euros, fuel not included (37.2 billion euros including fuel).

In France the year-to-year market share at the end of December (for consumer goods and self-service fresh products) of both food stores rose to 15% (by 0.2 points) with a turnover of 24.6 billion euros not including fuel (33.4 billion euros including fuel).

In France, Intermarché’s turnover increase by 1.9% in 2019 (23.5 billion euros, fuel not included and 32 billion euros including fuel) highlights the way the “Producer & Retailer” model is welcomed by consumers who are more and more benefiting from its concrete advantages. Netto has kept making progress in France in 2019, with a turnover of 1.12 billion euros, fuel not included, representing an increase by 1.5% (1.3% fuel included).

Agromousquetaires: constant innovation to help French consumers have a better diet

For the second consecutive year, Agromousquetaires has ranked 4th amongst food players in France (RIA ranking), with a turnover of 4.1 billion euros in 2019, representing a 2.4% increase compared to 2018. With its ten business lines and 62 production units, all of which are located in France, Agromousquetaires is a crucial tool that allows the Mousquetaires to support the French farming sector.

In 2019, our store brands have kept growing steadily, and we have made progress in strengthening our business lines: the integration of Bricorama in our “Household Equipment” cluster is a good illustration of this. We continue the deep transformation of our Group in order to adapt to the changes in retail and consumption, which shows the evolution of our “Mobility” cluster. With our “Producers & Retailers” model we have also opted for approaches that make no compromises regarding environmental and social challenges, such as the launching of Franco-Score. We have kept investing in the modernisation of our joint tools: our plants, our integrated logistics network and our IT systems. This year of our fiftieth anniversary, 200 entrepreneurs joined us, trustful in the strength of our exclusive model and our wide perspectives.

Didier Duhaupand,
Chairman of Groupement Les Mousquetaires,

Household Equipment store brands: the model of the future for DIY independent players.

In Europe, the 3 household equipment brands of the Mousquetaires represented a turnover of 3.59 billion euros.

At international level, Bricomarché recorded very significant turnover increases: +8.6% in Portugal and +10.7% in Poland.

In France in 2019, Bricomarché, Bricorama and Brico Cash were the first convenience network of independent retailers. The three store brands altogether recorded a turnover of 2.87 billion euros and increased by 2.60% at comparable selling areas, overperforming for the third consecutive year the 1.80% market increase at comparable selling areas (source: Unibal/FMB). This shows the attractiveness of the stores for the consumers and the model relevance that has been adopted by almost 100 new entrepreneurs since the integration of Bricorama.

Mobility store brands: a portfolio of complementary brands that is rapidly developing

The Mousquetaires’ brand portfolio is now made of 4 complementary specialist brands: Roady car centres, Rapid Pare-Brise window repair centres, American Car Wash centres, and for several months now, Izyscoot, the expert in two-wheeled and urban vehicles.

With 146 car centres in Europe, 113 of which are located in France, Roady reached in 2019 a turnover of 193 million euros, fuel not included (240 million euros including fuel), representing an increase by +2.7%.

American Car Wash brand, with 28 car wash centres recorded a turnover increase of +10.5% and  Rapid Pare-Brise, with 273 window repair centres, of +25%.

The third Izyscoot maintenance centre opened at the end of 2019.

The objective is to keep deploying these brands throughout the country and apply a very high level of quality as regards the customer experience in these centres.

Immo Mousquetaires: 190,000 new square metres

Under Immo Mousqutaires, 190,000 square metres opened in Europe, 160,000 of which in France.

In France, the food activity represented half of the openings, i.e. 80,000 m² split into the opening of 26 new stores and the purchase of 2 hypermarkets to Casino Group (Montauban and Nevers). Household Equipment activity represented 78,000 m² (of which 8 new stores).

In 2019, we received the authorisation for the creation of 81,000 m² of commercial projects and the delivery within our Group of 77,000 m² of logistics bases.

Groupement Les Mousquetaires in figures (on 31/12/2019):

– 45.3 billion euros in turnover, fuel included
– 3,045 independent business owners
– 150,000 employees
– 3,956 stores in Europe, of which 3,186 in France and 770 in other countries (320 in Portugal, 82 in Belgium, 367 in Poland [+ 1 Bricorama store in Georgia])
– 3 business lines in 4 countries:
      – Food (2,659 stores)
      – Household Equipment (850 stores)
      – Mobility (447 stores)
– Our 3,956 stores are gathered under 9 store brands:
      – Intermarché: 2,364 stores (1 832 in France, 249 in Portugal, 204 in Poland, 79 in Belgium)
      – Netto: 295 stores in France
      – Bricomarché: 672 stores in Europe (471 in France, 38 in Portugal and 163 in Poland)
      – Brico Cash: 36 stores in France
      – Bricorama: 142 stores (141 in France and 1 in Georgia)
      – Roady: 146 car centres (113 in France and 33 in Portugal)
      – American Car Wash: 28 wash centres in France
      – Rapid Pare-Brise: 273 window repair centres (270 in France and 3 in Belgium)
      – Izyscoot: 3 maintenance centres
– 6,375,424 m² of sales surfaces, i.e. an increase by +0,2% vs 2018
– Agromousquetaires: 4th agrofood cluster in France (RIA ranking) with 62 production units.